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How to carry out the correct maintenance of automatic garage doors

Taking care of the maintenance of automatic garage doors is simple and necessary. Thanks to proper maintenance you can extend its useful life. And allow it to work properly. You will minimize its deterioration and avoid breakdowns caused by lack of maintenance. It’s something you can take care of personally. It will give you little work is simple.

Guide for the maintenance of automatic garage doors

Both automatic security doors for businesses or homes and automatic garage doors require adequate maintenance. So you can extend its useful life and prevent breakdowns.

For proper maintenance of automatic garage doors lubricate these periodically

Don’t wait for your door to click open or close to grease it. Proper maintenance of automatic garage doors requires the periodic application of the necessary lubrication for optimal operation.

Both the maintenance of automatic garage and business doors includes greasing the precise parts. At a general level, it is considered that this should be done every two months.

Hinges, lock and latch must be properly greased. This will prevent scratches, annoying squeaks and unusual wear on parts.

automatic garage doors

Automatic garage door maintenance should also include greasing other parts. Depending on the model, it may have zippers, counterweights, arms and chains. These also require to be lubricated.

The vaseline or thin fat are the most suitable for this product.

Does your garage door squeak? Most likely, lack of lubrication is the cause. But it can also be due to a broken part. Check that this is not the case.

Avoid problems caused by water and humidity

Water and humidity are enemies of automatic garage doors. Check that your door frame is well insulated. Rain and condensation water must not seep through screw holes. It should also not pass through the cable entry.

If you find that the water is passing through one of these areas, you will have to isolate it. Applying a dot or a small bead of silicone may be sufficient.

Make sure that insects do not reach the control panel of your automatic garage door

For proper maintenance of automatic garage doors, you must make sure that it is free of insects. The control panel is the critical point in this regard. Its heat can attract insects or colonies of insects and other critters such as cockroaches and even mice.

Proper sealing of the gaps through which they can slip is essential. Silicone is the best product to do it.

automatic garage doors

If necessary, use poison. But always do it safely. Especially if it concerns the maintenance of garage doors for homes with children or a security door near a playground.

It is not the only damage that insects can cause. In summer, especially in certain areas, these can settle and die in areas such as the zipper. If it is a single individual, there is a problem. But if there are many, it will require cleaning to prevent them from hindering its operation.

Proper maintenance of automatic garage doors requires observation

Some problems can be detected before they grow older with simple observation. Try to be aware of some important questions:

  • The proper state of the relays. Do not touch them and less in operation. But check at least once a month that they are in perfect condition. Heavy use can burn them.
  • Check that the door does not squeak when being used. And if so, as already stated above, lubricate it.
  • Check that hinges and zippers are not obstructed.

Keep the door environment clean as much as the door

The correct maintenance of automatic garage doors requires cleaning the environment. Sometimes it is simple, but in certain areas there can be many problems. Especially in sandy areas. Or, in autumn, with the dry leaves. Although simply dust can already be a problem when it accumulates.

Keeping the surroundings of your automatic garage door clean will prevent it from jamming. Also that it flakes. And even that certain areas are obstructed.

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Proper cleaning of the area will help extend the life of your door avoiding breakdowns. But it is also important to take care of and clean the door, paying special attention to critical areas, depending on the type of door.

  • Cleaning and maintenance of automatic sliding doors. Clean the floor guides through which the door leaves run well. This way you can avoid obstructions and jams. And even the derailment of the door. A simple sweeping brush may be sufficient for this.
  • Clean and maintain swing doors. The hinge area is where dirt can collect and cause problems. Therefore, it is important that you take care of its proper cleaning periodically. If you do it frequently, a soft hand brush is usually a good ally. Also the use of a spray to blow on the area, leaving it clean, but without removing the lubricant.
  • Cleaning and maintenance of automatic up-and-over doors or that have guides on their sides. Many of you ask us how to clean metal doors, but sometimes it is more important that you check that dust and dirt do not adhere to the grease that lubricates it. It could be dangerous. If this happens you must clean it and lubricate it again. To avoid problems, the ideal is to use lubricants such as Vaseline in which the environmental dirt does not stick.

These practices are very easy to implement in your day to day. With them you can easily take care of automatic garage door garage maintenance to avoid breakdowns and extend their useful life. Consult the catalog and services of Garage doors 4u now.

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