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Air Conditioning: what is more convenient? Split or ducted?

It seems that summer wants to appear, although we are still in spring, the mercury is skyrocketing and we have to think about how to cool our homes. Having an air conditioning system at home, either a split or ducted air is the best solution to withstand the high temperatures in houses that are difficult to ventilate naturally.

But what is the best option? Ducted or Split air conditioning? We tell you what the main differences are so that you can choose the proposal that best suits your needs.

Ducted or central air conditioning

This type of air conditioning consists of an installation that consists of a centralized air distribution system through a false ceiling and grilles that distribute it throughout the house.

In the case that it has a heat pump, it can distribute cold and hot air and, among its advantages, it stands out that the installation is fully integrated into the home, without having devices in sight.

The models which will be regulated by a programmable grid system are the foremost effective since they will be strategically arranged according to the requirements of the house.

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In most of newly built homes, the pre-installation of air conditioning through ducts is already taken into account, a fact that favors and facilitates its start-up, since it is only necessary to include the indoor and outdoor units to obtain the maximum performance. In any case, there are always advantages and disadvantages and knowing them will help you make the right choice.

Advantages of ducted air conditioning:

  • As for the aesthetic part, this air conditioning system avoids the placement of different devices in each space, making it more attractive.
  • It is a good option for air conditioning different environments at the same time.
  • In the case of new homes that already have pre-installation, too high an investment will not be required.
  • The maintenance is simple.

Disadvantages of ducted air conditioning

  • Through this system, rooms cannot be individually heated. Generally, ducted air conditioning can only emit cold or heat throughout the home at the same time.
  • If you have to do the pre-installation of the ducts in your house, the initial cost is quite high and will directly involve the fact of making reforms because the ducts are in the false ceiling.

Split air conditioning

Splits offer two different solutions that can be adapted to the particular needs of each user. You can choose a Split system with independent units in each room and its corresponding outdoor unit or the Multisplit option that has different devices in each room but only with one outdoor unit for all of them, which is known as 2 × 1, 3 × 1, etc.

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In the first case, it should be noted that it is the cheapest alternative and is usually installed in many homes, especially if there is enough space to place the outdoor units or it is not necessary to install too many Split.

The Multisplit option is also in high demand, especially since it is not necessary to have so much outside space to place the air outlet, since only one unit must be installed.


In the same way that happens with ducted air conditioning, there are also some pros and cons of the Split refrigeration system that we detail below.

Advantages of Split air conditioning

  • The installation is simple
  • The temperature of each indoor unit can be controlled individually.
  • In the case of the Multisplit option, despite having several indoor units, you will only need one outdoor unit.

Disadvantages of Split air conditioning

  • Aesthetically it is not the best option because you will have to place a unit in each space, although currently there are sophisticated and elegant design models, although their price is higher than that of the most common ones.
  • By having an internal unit for each room, the electricity consumption is higher.
  • In the case of Split units with independent units, which have their own outdoor unit, the noise level of the outdoor unit is higher.
  • The investment can be high if different units have to be installed to air-condition each room independently.
Which one should I choose?

Mainly it will depend on the available budget, the type of home, the facilities and your needs.

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Contact a qualified professional specialized in air conditioning systems to carry out a preliminary evaluation and calculate how many refrigerators you need and thus know if a Split system or one of ducted air conditioning will have the capacity to supply the necessary ones, efficiently.

As with any type of appliance, pay close attention to the energy label and, as far as possible, choose a highly energy-efficient option that will consume less and make less noise, so it will have a lower impact on the environment.

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