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Engagement Ring

Difference Between A Best Wedding And Engagement Rings

After having seen in a previous article, “which finger to put your engagement rings on” , today we will see the difference between an engagement rings and a wedding ring. First, we will define the wedding ring (alliance) and the engagement ring.

What Is The Engagement Rings?

Nowadays, it is very common for a man to give an engagement ring to the bride-to-be when she asks for marriage. This ring therefore symbolizes the promise of a future marriage . This jewel is therefore the confirmation of the “yes” after the famous question “will you marry me?”, It also allows to reveal to his entourage and his family that a couple plans to get married and to choose each other for the life. It is a beautiful gift to remember all his life this very important moment in the life of a couple.

The Engagement Rings, Quite A Story!

Everyone knows the tradition of the marriage proposal , where the man kneels down in front of his beloved, opens the box to show her a beautiful engagement rings and asks her to marry him. This is the most stressful time in a man’s life hoping for a positive response and seconds seem like hours. If the answer is yes (and we wish it to everyone) then he can slip the engagement ring on the ring finger of the left hand, to formalize the future marriage.

But this tradition has not always been like this . Even though engagement rings and wedding rings have existed since antiquity and are present in ancient history and culture, this custom was on the way out at the start of the 20th century . The cause ? the start of a new class in society, the modern middle class. During this period, the solitaire (ring with a single large diamond), the traditional jewel of the marriage proposal, was no longer so traditional. This custom was a real roller-coaster in the 20th century because of the middle class.

From 1900 to 1950, with the two world wars as well as “the great depression” , the difficulties were numerous for the middle class, therefore the engagement ring (solitaire) was a luxury which one could not afford any more. Instead, the man proposed to offer a practical gift in everyday life, not very romantic, but necessary at this time.Even though World War I, gave a new definition for the engagement ring to symbolize the union of a couple separated because of the war. But it is especially after the Second World War and the increase in marriages during the post-war boom that the engagement ring once again became an important piece of jewelry in the life and tradition of a couple.

What Is The Alliance?

Unlike the engagement ring, the wedding ring is given only at the time of the wedding when the wedding rings are given . They are then exchanged between the couple and slipped on the diamond ring finger of the left hand and then replaces the engagement ring which will be put on the ring finger of the right hand . Alliances are then the most important jewel for a couple, it formalizes the marriage and the eternal love of a couple. For men, generally, this is a classic gold wedding ring as you can see by clicking on this link. For women, the wedding ring is more worked with diamonds or tailor-made, as you can see in our selection of rings.

To conclude , on the difference between an engagement ring and an alliance, we could see that there is a real tradition for each of the rings. They symbolize the happiest day in a couple’s life, but also an unforgettable moment in a couple that marks a man and a woman. If you want to offer a unique ring, representing your union or your marriage proposal. Do not hesitate to consult on our online jewelry store, our wedding rings, our solitaires and our Celinni wedding rings.

Why Choose CelinniFor Your Wedding Band And Engagement Rings?

For 6 generations , the Celinni house has offered you its expertise in the field of diamonds and jewelry, we are also the leading diamond dealer in France . Thanks to our experience and our expertise in the field of jewelry and diamonds, we can offer you for your wedding ring or your engagement ring, a know-how, a diamond offer the most important on the market and the guarantee to offer you quality at the best price for the most important rings in a lifetime.

You can view all of our wedding rings and alliances directly on celinni.com, by following the links below:

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For solitaires and engagement rings, you can check out below:

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The Advantages At Celinni?

With Celinni, you are guaranteed to have rings cheap diamond , the alliances and quality of engagement rings but the best price!

Engagement rings

How Do We Do ?

We invite you to read our article on  the advantages of Celinni online jewelry store over traditional jewelry store.  But with Celinni, it is not the guarantee to have the quality at the best price for your wedding ring or your engagement ring. We also offer many advantages such as free and secure delivery , the possibility of express delivery , payment in 10 installments without any fees …

Do You Want A Bespoke Wedding Ring Or Engagement Rings?  

Celinni offers you the possibility of having a bespoke wedding ring or engagement ring. You will then have for your wedding, a unique alliance, a tailor-made creation to symbolize one of the happiest days of your life.Contact us by following , we will then offer you the possibility of creating your tailor-made wedding ring or engagement ring accompanied by our diamond dealers and our Parisian workshop . It is he who will make your custom ring with French know-how.

Come and meet us in our showrooms. We are present in Nice , Paris, Lausanne and Antwerp.Want to meet us in person? We only receive by appointment. During your meeting with our diamond dealer, you can then discover our wedding rings and alliances, you will be able to discuss with a diamond expert who will offer you different rings and the possibility of making a tailor-made creation to best meet your needs. expectations.


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