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Roof Repairs

Why do roof repairs?

One of the demanded services in the construction industry is roof repairs. It may differ in appearance, in the stages of implementation, as well as in the reasons for its implementation. In terms of cost, the restoration of roof structures varies in a fairly wide range, and the price depends on several factors. All these points are briefly discussed in this material.

There are several main reasons for the repair of an operating roof:

  • loss of tightness;
  • weak thermal insulation;
  • loosening of fasteners;
  • bad configuration;
  • wear of the rafter frame;
  • unpresentable appearance;
  • the threat of destruction;
  • desire to change the configuration to another.

If there is at least one of the above factors, the roof repairs, otherwise sooner or later it will completely lose its functionality, and in some cases, its further operation will become unsafe.

Roof repairs types

Depending on the reason for the roof repairs needs, it can be one of the following:

  1. Current.
  2. Capital.
  3. Emergency.
  4. Reconstruction.

Routine repairs are carried out periodically as the natural wear and tear of the roofing material. This includes only local restoration or replacement of individual roof repairs elements, as well as cleaning from dirt and biological organisms (moss, etc.). As a rule, the current restoration of a high-quality roof is required no more than once every 5-7 years. This figure depends not only on the quality of the construction but also on the type of covering material used.

Overhaul of a dilapidated roof is required in several cases. Including, if you want or need to change the configuration, as well as the threat of complete destruction. In other words, it is necessary to “capitalize” the roof when cosmetic maintenance does not help to solve the arising problems.

Emergency roof repairs – it is also urgent, as well as urgent is done when the roof has suffered from any unfavorable weather conditions. These include squall winds, heavy snowfalls, and other factors. Among other things, emergency repairs may be required due to the fact that the current recovery was not planned and carried out on time.

Reconstruction – involves a complete replacement of the roof configuration and roofing material. As a rule, this category of work is performed in cases where the roof was originally designed and implemented incorrectly (in violation of norms and standards), or, if desired, to convert the attic into an attic.

Roof repairs stages

The process of performing a roof repair depends on what type of roof it is. In the construction industry, two types of roofing are distinguished:

  1. Pitched.
  2. Horizontal.

Pitched roofs are all types of roofs used in the construction of private houses and cottages. This term means that the covering material is mounted at a certain angle to the horizon, and all precipitation “rolls down” from it in a natural way.

Horizontal roofing is a standard solution for high-rise buildings, it is carried out either by the bulk method or using roll materials. Sediment removal is carried out due to the calculated slope and drainage system.

Renovation involves the restoration or replacement of the main roofing material in both cases. The difference in the process can only be that during the overhaul or reconstruction of pitched roofs, dismantling and assembly of the rafter structure is required (horizontal roofs do not have it).

Prices for roof repairs of different types

The price of restoration measures depends mainly on what kind of roofing is being repaired. The type of repair is also taken into account, for example, the current one will always be cheaper than the capital one, and so on. An important factor in the formation of the price tag for services in this category is the type of roofing material.

You can see the approximate tariffs for repairing a roof of one type or another on their site. If you have any other questions on this topic, you can ask specialists by phone or through the feedback form on the website. Consultation and preliminary assessment of the condition of the roof – absolutely free.