motorbike spares

Frequently Asked Questions Of Best Motorbike Spares And Motorbike

At motorbike spares Racing we want you to enjoy our mini bikes to the fullest . For this we propose to solve all the doubts you have about these leisure vehicles.

In the hope of helping anyone who is interested in purchasing one of our products, we have compiled in this article the most frequently asked questions asked by our customers:

motorbike spares
motorbike spares

Can the be used on public roads?

Absolutely NO. These motorcycles are not registrar and their use is intended for private venues and closed circuits.

What guarantee do the motorbike spares have?

These leisure vehicles are designed exclusively for sports use. They are not included in the Consumer Goods Law and therefore have no guarantee. It only covers the operation.

motorbike spares
motorbike spares

The motorcycle in its first start-up, from then on no problem in its use is covered. In the case of minibikes , or any other electric product, it has a 6-month motor warranty.

What is the maximum load of a mini bike?

Depending on the motorbike spares model and type of minibike, the maximum weight may vary. So we can find some pit bikes that support up to 150 kg. It is not recommended to exceed the maximum load indicated for the vehicle.

motorbike spares
motorbike spares

How fast do they reach?

The 49cc mini bikes do not exceed 50km / h . There are models of pit bikes that can even reach 100 km / h . However, most of them have a built-in speed limiter to regulate it to the most appropriate level.

Is some kind of protection necessary?

From Racing we always motorbike spares recommend the use of a helmet when driving minibikes . It is also highly advisable to use other protections such as: gloves, knee pads and elbow pads . Here you can find everything you need for your child to drive his / her minibike safely.

What fuel do these bikes use?

The motorcycle gasoline carry a mixture of unleaded 95 octane and 2% synthetic oil for two – stroke engines. But when the engine is 4-stroke, the oil has to be special for those engines and is separate from the engine.


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