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Motorcycle mirrors are a necessary element of the vehicle. The correct selection of components potentially saves the life of the biker and reduces the emergency danger of riding. Some motorcyclists leave the mirrors that the manufacturer originally installed. The right strategy if the devices meet the user’s expectations.

Others prefer to change things like that right away. High-quality motorcycle mirrors are not necessarily expensive. But, in order not to be mistaken in the choice, one must look at the technical characteristics and appearance.

Bikers know that ride comfort is important, but motorcycle beauty is more important. Choose a product that fully reflects your attitude and your inner mood.

How to choose the right motorcycle mirrors

In order not to make a mistake with the product, you need to look at the manufacturer. The motorcycle community will tell you about famous companies and what exactly they are famous for. Choosing their products increases the likelihood of quality.

There are other factors that seasoned bikers look at as well. In order not to be mistaken when choosing a mirror for a motorcycle, pay attention to the list of characteristics presented here. Among the main ones:

  • The area of ​​the reflected surface of the mirror. Some motorcyclists believe that the higher the score, the better. This is a well-known and dangerous misconception. Too much reflective surface can prevent the biker from concentrating on significant road objects. Little things are distracting. While the biker is looking at them, the speeding truck passes. The too small the size of the reflected surface, on the contrary, will not allow you to see the impending danger. The area of ​​the reflected surface of the mirror should be optimal. Bends to either side are unacceptable.
  • Glass shape. The spherical shape eliminates dead spots. Unfortunately, along with this, the distances are distorted, so the biker does not always determine the distance to the object. If you have previously used exclusively flat mirrors on a motorcycle, you will have to get used to new types. Experienced bikers advise not to relearn from one form to another. The alternatives are hard to get used to. Therefore, it is better to get used to a specific type of accessories and not retrain after that.
  • Reliability of attachment of the accessory. Not every item can be mounted on a motorcycle. Be sure to check product compatibility before buying. Otherwise, the biker will be disappointed.

There are additional characteristics that a motorcyclist looks at. For example, looks and design compatibility. There are new models on the market, made to match the classic mirrors of the seventies. Choose the ones that suit you.

New models can be carried out in fancy shapes. There are products in the shape of a hand, a star and in other variations. The products look stylish, but do not guarantee a good look and the ability to perceive objects from behind.

In order not to be mistaken with the product, look at the combination of appearance and technical characteristics. Only in this case you will not be mistaken and make the right choice. Good motorcycle mirrors also come with a warranty. The manufacturer completes the products with the necessary papers: licenses and certificates.


All side mirrors are divided into types. Among them, a suitable option is selected for a specific situation.

The very first products that a vehicle has are regular mirrors. As a rule, they are not of high quality and are used mainly as temporary ones.

But there are exceptions. Modern motorcycles and expensive models are initially equipped with good mirrors, which are quite strong and reliable, do not break off from the fixed place during sharp turns.

Some bikers prefer to leave the original mirrors on the motorcycle until they fail. Sometimes you have to wait a long time and buy new ones after a very long time.


Most of all they are similar to regular ones. These are special products that are made for a specific model. An exact copy of the regular ones, no different. If the biker likes the regular ones, but they are out of order, they can be changed.

The main advantage is that the motorcyclist is already used to it. He knows how these mirrors behave on a motorcycle, distort the distance or not, there is a dead zone or not. Ease of use is an important advantage that saves the life of the biker.

Such products are attached in the same way as standard options. There are no exceptions.


An interesting type of device. Suitable for various motorcycles. The kit may include fasteners, but there are options without them.

Versatile options are very different, and the user can easily find the right one for himself. The selection criteria are not much different from those that apply in other cases.

But there is an additional factor to consider. This is the presence or absence of additional elements that can help increase the comfort of the trip.

Often, universal mirrors are used as additional to the general set. Using too many mirrors, especially if their functionality is not very different, is not always justified. Most often, you need to get used to mirrors in order to take full advantage of their capabilities.


There are special devices in the biker environment. Specific mirrors for a motorcycle, mounted in a helmet, glove, or in the form of a monitor that shows the signal from a rear-mounted camera, are popular among motorcyclists.

But using such devices is not always convenient. They look stylish, but they do not replace the main mirror with a motorcycle, and may even interfere. Especially if the motorcyclist does not fully know how to use complex or specific devices.

It is recommended that you weigh the pros and cons before purchasing. They can only be used as an addition to the main mirrors.


Sometimes the manufacturer offers special solutions. A mirror that simultaneously shows the turn signal and allows you to listen to music in the player so that the motorcyclist can rest.

Such devices also look stylish. But to take full advantage of them, you need to install a powerful battery on your motorcycle. If it is not of high quality or as powerful as we would like, the electronics may not work.

Don’t let the motorcyclist be fooled by the low power consumption of such a device. It really depends on the available battery life. If the supply is depleted, then even an extremely small consuming device becomes the cause of a fatal problem.


The selection of suitable mirrors includes an analysis of the appearance, technical characteristics, the possibility of installation on a particular motorcycle. They also need to be able to use it. If at least one criterion does not meet the requirements, it is better to refuse such a mirror.

Practice shows: it is better to use devices that the user is already accustomed to. If these are regular mirrors, it is recommended to use them. It is better to buy an alternative type for experiments and if the old ones no longer satisfy consumer properties.

Ignoring this recommendation is fraught with serious disappointment for the motorcyclist.

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