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Selling your house? Benefits of hiring a Real Estate Agent

On many occasions when we hear the term real estate agent, only that person who will look for clients to show them our property comes to mind. Nothing could be further from the truth as a true real estate professional carries out many more actions besides showing your home. This article presents 10 actions performed by a real estate agent to help you sell your house:

1. Analysis of the sale price

Any professional agent, prior to working in more detail, will review and verify that the price you are requesting for your property is correct. When it comes to selling their house, many clients add to the price all the beautiful moments they spent there, which is a rise that makes the sale of the property complicated. Therefore, the real estate agent will objectively value and price your property according to the square meters of construction, area, facilities, etc. so that it is sold as quickly as possible, establishing the best price without causing any type of problem.

2. Market analysis of the area

One of the crucial factors in the work of the real estate agent is the market analysis of the area. It is important that the area where your property is located is carefully studied to consider the feasibility of selling the property. Consequently, it will be necessary for the real estate agent to be clear with the client and present the situation in a realistic and objective way. At this point, it is the agent’s responsibility to inform the client about the possibility of waiting a while for the sale of the property or adjusting its price until it reaches the market.

3. Home Staging

In order to bring a property up for sale, you need to consider three factors: price, the property’s state of preservation, and lastly, marketing. Having already mentioned the most important points to consider when it comes to pricing, it is time to refer to the state of conservation of the property. It is essential that the property is in good condition, that the care and maintenance that has been given previously is obvious, as well as the correct functioning of the facilities that the property offers. If, on the contrary, this is not the case, the real estate agent will be able to advise clients to make the minimum changes and be able to make their house look and be in good condition for sale,

4. Professional photos

Once the points mentioned regarding Home Staging have been taken into account, one of the fundamental and most important points comes in order for the house to have many visits prior to the sale: a professional photography session will be necessary.

real estate agent

In order to capture the customer’s attention, it will be necessary to have images that present the reality of the property but that have been made with a certain professionalism and with a view to the sale of the property. That is to say, it will be crucial that the client is interested in the images presented from the first moment to achieve the expected call to our agent.

5. Marketing plan

The third factor that is crucial among the tasks of each real estate agent is the study and implementation of a marketing plan that allows greater reach in the real estate market. The marketing plan will therefore be the point that makes the difference and the know-how of good real estate agents since, in other words, it is the strategy that will be chosen when carrying out actions to advertise and bring the property to the market.

6. Legal and tax advice

Regarding both legal and fiscal aspects, the training of a real estate professional will be of great help and advice regarding the availability of necessary documents to be able to sell your property. The agent, on the other hand, will offer tax advice regarding payment of sales taxes or deductions.

7. Seek financing

In the real estate buying and selling processes, professional agents must not only have legal and tax knowledge but will also have to show an understanding of the economy and the financing possibilities of the real estate and properties for which they are studying a sale.

In the event that a buyer appears, the real estate agent will do what is necessary to proceed with the sale of the property, which means that it will be necessary to search for financing that adapts to the needs of each of the clients, with the aim of to achieve the complete transaction.

8. Documentation for notary

During the process of selling a property or property, there are situations in which transactions are delayed due to the absence of certain documentation. The tasks of the real estate agent include the search and management of documents from both the seller and the buyer so that the buying and selling process is not interrupted.

Once the agent has proceeded to collect all the necessary documentation, a date will be established for attending the Notary’s Office in order to achieve an efficient and smooth transaction.

9. Moving

Despite the fact that the process of buying and selling the property has ended efficiently and without problems, the real estate agent can still offer you his services in certain steps to follow, such as the move.

The agent will be able to coordinate your actions with those of the contracted company or to recommend certain companies so that you can get rid of this tedious process and carry out a move more quickly and without stress.

10. Change of all receipts

Once the document management process and assistance to the Notary is finished, the real estate agent will also be of help to change name receipts. The ten points mentioned in this article summarize the main tasks of the real estate agent in the process of selling a property or property.

From Arnold Property we offer you the facilities that the work of professional agents entails who will develop and carry out each of these points among many others to meet all your needs.

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